Monday, April 18, 2011

Muslim criminals strike once again in Deganga

Deganga in the Indian state of West Bengal is becoming a site of turmoil with the passing of each day. It is evident that the same fire is engulfing rest of the state fast and unless Deganga is restrained now, Bengal would succumb to the rising Islamic fundamentalism faster than it is comprehended.

The fresh turmoil has taken place in the village BasonaBenapur, P.S. Deganga, close to Noornagar Village Pachayat, where no less than 85 Hindu households of the locality were persecuted in the night of 17 April 2011. Hindu youths of the families were simply encircled and battered, women were molested. Definitely the word molestation would get ashamed if it goes through the harrowing experiences of Hindu women here.

What led to the turmoil? It started regarding a mere incident of digging field and BasonaBenapur PalashPriya Sangha, club dominated by Hindus in particular, has its struggle with Muslims in the vicinity for long. Even if these have being going on for years, recent India-Pakistan match and club members’ rejoicing for India’s victory led to a new problem. Muslims from adjoining villages rushed in and beat up the members.

Contractor of the activity (digging field) is Mohammed Yunus. He, as part of a conspiracy, incited 60-70 Muslim youths, equipped with deadly weapons, and attacked BasonaBenapur PalashPriya Sangha Club. Along with rabble-rousing slogans, Muslim youths lost no time to wreck the entire club. Nassir Hossain (son of Motlubar Rehman) destructed the adjoining house, destructed shop of Narayan Mondal, molested his wife and snatched her gold jewelries worth Rs. 5,000.

One criminal named Mohammed Laltu attacked Surajit Mondal, member of the said club, grievously and Surajit had to be admitted to the local BiswaNathpur Hospital; he also underwent 8 stitches at the same instant. Laltu was found to state, at the time of attacking, Hindus would not be spared and they would either be evicted or massacred before long. Mohammed Sahin, (son of Mohammed Khokon Goldar), molested and assailed Mrs. Minati Mondal.

Others were also involved in such inglorious activities. Blouses of women were torn, earrings were snatched and newly married women and teenage girls were threatened that they would be raped at any time. Even infants were also not spared. A few Muslim thugs said that infants must be put to death to make Hindus powerless. The body language of Islamic assailants was enough to make Hindus terrified.

Club members, being helpless and disclaimed by any political party, had to opt for assistance of the local administration. But they were harassed by the police personnel too and police went to the spot at least after 1 hour. Hindus lodged a complaint (FIR no.: 209/dtd. 17/04/2011) against the Islamic fanatics.

Police arrested a few Muslims promptly. Among them one has already been let free and 4 others have been delivered to the court of justice. As per Hindu villagers, the main culprits are yet to be brought under the book. They have started to think whether their greatest crime is to take birth as Hindu in India.

This is the fifth assault of Muslims on Hindus. Would the Hindus be able to live in BasonaBenapur peacefully or opt for exodus?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Islamists planning to initiate new reign of terror in Deganga

There is a well-known notion contrived and executed brilliantly by the Nazis once, “blame the dog before you shoot”, and followed by many others in the following decades. But the Muslim hardliners across the globe have surpassed all these and have implanted the word malign too. The precise meaning of the word is to speak unfavorably about and everywhere Islamic zealots malign opponents to break their moral fiber up.

Deganga, town with a police station and a community development block in Barasat subdivision of North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal, known more for the notorious carnage of Hindus in last September, also perceives the same. And it has become certain by now that the foremost aim of the recent Islamic religious convention held in Deganga was to malign Hindus, their faith and thus to destruct their moral fiber. The Islamic religious convention (taking place in the Deganga Bazaar area) continued between 05 April 2011 to 08 April, 2011 but devoid of any official permission of using microphone.

On last Friday (08 April, 2011) the event was staged with vitriolic criticisms of Hinduism (including the pantheon, perennial principles and practices) by Islamic religious teachers. They were also found to state that sanctified Hindu temples belong to Muslims only as these were founded on basic structures of ancient mosques and the time has come to regain these with full might. The local Muslims, majority of which were participants in the atrocities on Hindus, were also perceived to support the same theory. All these infuriated Hindus a lot, as usual.

As a mark of protest against all these a great number of Hindus blocked Taki Road before P.S. Deganga for 3 hrs. on 09.04.11. The furious protest of Hindus balled over the local administration too and as per latest info, police has given written statement that it would ask the Muslim committee to appear and take appropriate measures to mitigate the rising tension in the neighborhood.

However, Hindus have started to smell a rat and for people like Atanu Majhi, Sukdeb Barman, Bappa Mondal, Swapna Karmakar Deganga is moving towards a fresh turmoil.