Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Press Release - No Durga Puja in DeGanga - Protest Rally


On 3rd October, 2010, the Deganga Durga Puja Samanvay Committee organized a massive protest rally against the local administration and corrupt TMC political leaders and named this rally as “DHIKKAR” (Shame).

In the morning of 3rd October, the day of the rally, under the leadership of Puja Samanvay Committee Secretary Mr.Prasanta Pal, local Hindus gathered at the Chattal Pally Durga Puja pandal and about 11 AM, more than 500 local Hindus from all neighboring villages, joined this DHIKKAR Rally either on foot, Bicycles, Motor Bikes or on Auto Rickshaw. The protest mainly focused on the inability of the local Police to protect local Hindu residents from barbaric organized attacks by the Muslims, which started when the Muslims deliberately wanted to stop the 40 year old Chattal Pally Durga Puja. The 3 hours rally proceeded further to Belighata, Berachapa and went up to Hamadama Bazar, a total 13 km route greeted by hundreds of local Hindus standing the road side supported with clapping and joined with the slogans that was reverberating through a loud speaker. The slogans goes like- “Haji Nurul Isalm Jabab Dao Jabab Dao - why such barbaric attacks on the innocent Hindus”/-and "Local Administration Jabab Dao Jabab Dao - why there was no police protection of the Hindus; why Hindu homes and businesses are burnt down”; Local Police Jabab Dao Jabab Dao - why Police allowed loud speaker on the Masjid"; "Why SP /Police violate the agreement and allow Muslims to put the Loudspeaker Jabab Dao Jabab Dao, etc.

With the huge success of this DHIKKAR Rally, the Samanvay Committee is planning to organizing another much bigger rally on coming Sunday, i.e, 10th October, at Deganga.

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