Friday, November 12, 2010

Hindu Samhati’s Protests Against Deganga Rock Bengal

Riots are not alien to the Bengali Hindu community and the last century, even more than that, has been most decisive. Nevertheless, the episode of Deganga, that happened recently and has shaken the conscience of people at large, has outshined all the past ones and brought back the horrors of infamous Noakhali (genocide of Hindus occurring in 1946).

Programs to protest against this onslaught and strange silence of administration have been adopted in profusion throughout the state of West Bengal by Hindu Samhati. On 8 September, as a mark of protestation, protest meetings along with road blockades were organized at both Colony and Chanpadali Crossings in Barasat. On the following day of 9 September, a street meeting was held at the Bata crossing in the town of Bongaon. On 12 September a gallant protest march was organized in Calcutta that resulted in burning an effigy of Hazi Nurul Islam, local TMC MP and also the main instigator of the crackdown on Hindus.

On 13 September, workers of Hindu Samhati did block the railway track at both Canning and Thakur Nagar to protest against the carnage. Two separate meetings were organized at Baguihati and Mridha Market in Calcutta on 14 September, focusing on the same issue. However, the vivacity that was perceived in all the said protestations was surpassed by the inimitable vigor observed at Barasat on 18 September. The town remained witness to a huge and unprompted gathering of people that drew the unwarranted interference of the local police and administration.

It is worthwhile to mention, whether it is the carnage at Deganga or the series of programs of protests of Hindu Samhati against the same, each and every incident was marred by the venal, despicable and bestial role of Hussain Mirza, Additional Police Super of the District of 24 Paraganas (North). As per confidential sources, Mirza used to be one of the most brilliant crawlers of CPIM in the erstwhile years. However, with the change of time, he has modified himself into a flatterer of Trinamool Congress straight away.

It is to be noted that on the same day (September 18) 6 workers of Samhati including its vice-president, general secretary were arrested out of no reasons simply. On the word of experts, the unusual delay in their formal releases is occurred due to the wretched role of the same Mirza. Mirza and his co-religionists are trying to take all steps to suppress the protest on Deganga.

Hindu Samhati activists have worked tirelessly to send hundreds of thousands of emails around the globe since the day the carnage started in Deganga. HS has also committed a full website ( on this episode. News Portals worldwide have covered the attacks. Various human rights organizations have also committed to help the persecuted Hindus of Deganga. 50,000 leaflets have also been distributed from Samhati to let people know the real happenings in Deganga.  

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