Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hindus Take Oath in Deganga to Protect Temples and Coreligionists

Hindu Suraksha Shanti Sankalpa Yagnya in Deganga

Hindu Samhati Deganga Block Committee and Puja Samannay Committee organized a “Hindu Suraksha Shanti Sankalpa Yagnya” on 27th November, 2010 at the compound of Deganga Market RadhaGobinda Temple from 10 am in the morning to the evening and thousands of Hindu women, defying all scourges and atrocities, took a vow to defend temples and Hindus by taking part in it.

The grand celebration was presided over by Sushen Biswas, prominent State Committee member of Hindu Samhati, and the solemn pledge was also recited by him. Others who delivered powerful speeches were Jayanta Sadhukhan, Prashanta Pal, Pradip Banerjee, Tarun Ghosh and Ajit Adhikary.

After the end of the celebration, a memorandum was submitted to the police station of Deganga by making a massive procession. It contained signatures of over four thousand Hindus representing over 10 villages to put an end to the illegal playing of microphones in the mosque, next to the Kali and RadhaGobinda Temples at the local market in Deganga.

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