Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Withdrawal of security forces makes Hindus panicked in Deganga

Hindus apprehend worst

One of the crucial developments in the region of Deganga has been the withdrawal of security forces on last Friday and certainly from the disputed site. In accordance with sources, this has led to panic and confusion in the vicinity even if some people are yet to know all these. One of these is Mr. Prashanta Pal, strong warrior in this saga and also a good source. Only on this day he became familiar with the same and within the next 5 minutes he confirmed that my info was perfect.

A meeting between Tapan Kr. Ghosh and his companions with Amitava Nandi (influential member of CPM State Committee) took place today as well. As per Mr. Nandi , the file (containing the project decided by the government to stop all controversies) has already been approved by the Finance Department of the WB Government and been sent to DM North 24 Paraganas, Mr. Pravin Kumar.

However, confusions do prevail. Owing to the declaration of upcoming assembly election in the state of West Bengal, code of conduct is being carried out and as a result, authorization of Chief Electoral Officer (in this context) is essential. If the concerned CEO declines at this time, the entire issue would be jeopardized.

Mr. Ghosh also spoke of the withdrawal of security forces from the aforementioned disputed site. Mr. Nandi talked to DM North 24 Paraganas over phone and said necessary steps would be adopted to assure Hindus living in this area.

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