Monday, August 27, 2012

Hindus thrashed again in Moulopota, Deganga

Police remains firm mongrel of Islamists

Deganga is boiling again indicating the cruel fact (time and again) that Hindus have no prospect if they cease to fight against Islamists.

On August 25, 2012, fervent clashes took place between Hindus and Muslims in village: Moulopota, P.S. Deganga, District: 24 Paraganas (North) when Hindus protested against one Muslim individual’s misbehavior with a Hindu lady and they were attacked in return. The village happens to be an entirely Scheduled Caste one. It has been learnt that the said Islamist culprit was teasing wife of Haran Parui, innocuous Hindu villager, through cell phone for a few weeks at a stretch. And even if Hindus asked Muslims to handle the case so as to prevent any untoward incident, there was no response from the other side.

And when Hindus, finding no other way, did protest on August 25, 2012, violent clashes took place only. Initially, it was heard that few members from both communities got injured and police was taking stock of the situation stringently. But later developments have proved that police and administration, in compliance with Islamists and their political mentors, are playing a foul game against Hindus of Moulopota, Deganga.

It is worthwhile to mention that Malati (name changed), the very Hindu housewife, happens to be mother of two children.

The onslaught on Hindus was led by Manohara Bibi (Head of Deganga – 2 Village Panchayat) and her husband Malek – the couple left no stone unturned to stimulate Islamist youths of local Nazrul Sangha at Lebutala Station Bazar to thrash Hindus.

Here is a list of injured Hindus:

1.      Nemai Parui – age 22 – seriously injured with broken right hand, admitted in Barasat District Hospital  
2.      Amal Parui (left hand fractured)
3.      Dipak Parui (3 stitch on head)
4.      Shyamal Parui (injured)
5.      Mangal Parui, slash both on head and hand 
6.      Bapi Parui, injury in leg, incapable to walk at the moment.
7.      Biswajit Sardar, seriously injured
8.      Bharat Parui, deep cut on head

Strikingly Biswajit Sardar was arrested by police while he was having saline and that too happened due to complaints of Muslim malefactors against him. Are we living in jungle where laws of democratic governance remain extinct?  Last 4 Hindus in the aforementioned list are languishing in police custody at this point in time.

As you would expect, police, to remain loyal to their Islamist bosses, was found prompt to issue FIR with other criminal cases against 17 Hindus and among them 11 have already been nabbed. These include U/S – 147, 148, 149, 325, 307, 427 I.P.C. and 25/27 Arms act. The case no. is Deganga P.S. 584/12, dated 25.08.12.

2 Hindu victims managed to get bail on August 26, 2012. The others are in jail and will appear on September 4, 2012 on occasion of bail hearing.

The tale of Hindu agonies in village: Moulopota, P.S. Deganga refuses to end here.

On August 26, 2012, Hindu villagers, fearing Islamists’ aggression, couldn’t visit Lebutala market. Hindu children, in the morning, instead, were sent to the market to sell fishes. They were badly beaten by Islamists there and were not allowed to trade. 

(Hindu victim - Nemai Parui in Barasat Hospital) 

(Hindu victim - Amal Parui) 

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