Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beef violates Hindu temple (sanctum) in Berachanpa, Deganga

Administration backs Islamists blatantly

by Animitra Chakraborty

Deganga remains the same as it was a few years back – escalating Hindu persecution prevails (and also expands) the vicinity whereas the administrative apathy to Hindus (even if it’s an eyesore) does remain at an all-time high. Nothing has changed, contrary to the expectation of law-abiding citizens of Bengal, and it can also be said whatever changes have taken place in all these years here is for the worse only.  

Hindus in Deganga are left high and dry.

Basudevpur and Ballavpur in Berachanpa, P.S. Deganga are two adjoining villages containing a marginal Hindu population, residing there, hence, in an environment of abject fear all these years. Like every year this year too, Nabajagaran Sangha, local club in Ballavpur, organized annual Durga Puja with splendor. The 34-year long Puja ended (as expected) with fanfare. Even if Bakra Eid or Eid al-Adha was on October 27, 2012, Hindus expected that there would be no trouble.

Their folly came to the fore on October 28, 2012 at 6.30 am when beef was perceived in the area bordering the temple. The sudden revelation, a distinctive act of profanity, stunned Hindus leading to a cacophony in Ballavpur. Hindus from Basudevpur rushed to the spot only to the find the cruel reality out. Even if Hindus informed the local Panchayat members of the gruesome development, none of them did turn up before 10.00 am.

Ali Ahmed, member of the District Council (Zilla Parishad), came to the spot at 10.30 am and without consulting anyone took the beef away. When he returned Hindus asked him of this strange attitude; he replied that it was done to retain communal harmony in the area.

During this altercation police arrived; police failed to appear (sooner) despite repeated pleas of Hindus in the early morning.

When administrative and police officials (SDPO and Officer-in-Charge) were communicated the weird activity of Ali Ahmed, they did not stop by supporting him only; he was also showered with lots of praises. As per administrative and police officials, they would have done the same if there was any such need. Hindus, reaching the brink of desperation owing to police inaction and also its manifest antipathy to them, formed a blockade – refusing to lift it till the restoration of beef (to its former position) and arrest of culprits behind the dastardly act.   

However, nothing like this happened ultimately (thanks to blatant anti-Hindu posture of administration) and aforesaid officials opted for a meeting, joined by Ali Ahmed and a few Hindus and Muslims. During the meeting, SDPO threatened that Hindus were carrying out an illegal Puja and if necessary the same would be ended forever and a day.  Hindus, as a result, had hardly any other option and had to remain content with the fact that police would patrol Ballavpur till Kali Puja.

Hindus in the meeting did also point out a few other aspects, nullified by the administration both willfully and mischievously.  

On the word of Hindus, contrary to the previous years, Muslims in the village were witnessed to endeavor to spoil the Durga Puja 2012 – groups of Muslim boys were found to fight among themselves (near the temple) with the intention to blemish the Puja only. Again at 11.30 am, when the road blockade by Hindus was in full swing, a few Muslims tried to break it forcefully and all these happened before the police. When Hindus objected, police chased both Hindus and Muslims.  

A great anxiety dominates Hindus in both Basudevpur and Ballavpur; even if police is present there, Hindus are apprehending worst in the coming days.  

(The Hindu Temple) 

(Beef found behind left column of the Hindu Temple) 

(Local Hindu Club) 

(Junction of Basudevpur and Ballavpur)

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